103B: A Year In Review


103B: A Year in review

the difference in process and how process can make all the difference


"103b: A year in review" was a show organized by my good friend Wandy Cheng and program organizer of 156 Studio Projects, Philip Ocampo through the kind support of the owner of the gallery, Mike Ellis. It was a farewell to the gruelling days of thesis and a celebration of hard work. "A year in review" curated a group of 2018 illustration graduates and their drafting process. There is often a misconception that art is immediate and it is thoughtless, however, one does not simply pick up a pencil and create a masterpiece; such genius is far and few in between. Where our graduation exhibition gave us the opportunity to show off our final work, "A year in review" gave us the opportunity to display the two weeks of work that would lead up to that final piece.

I had the absolute honour of illustrating the promotional postcard for our show and so in celebration of a lovingly organized show ended, I will be sharing the process work leading up to this piece... 


     The collaborative aspect of this promotional piece was planned in order to display every member of the group show and their different illustrative styles. In the early sketches, I tried to find interesting ways to show different sketches and posted a few pieces to get feedback from other members of the show. Here are some sketches that were shown to other members and original colour ideas.

     As is part of my process for most, if not all my pieces, colour is what i spend most of the final hours working on. Here you can see three definitively different colour palettes and approaches to the same linear design as well as some mix and layering tests for different pencil crayons. 

This final colour palette was what was decided for the final and below is the final pencil crayon piece that was scanned in. The last steps were to digitally collage the grid pattern in the back and the other sketches of other illustrators' process work.